Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bitchin' Pics and Barnes & Noble

It has been a productive week on the book side of things! Not only am I now Barnes and Noble official and you can pre-order the novel from their website, but my author copies came in. Here are some sneak peeks of my attractive novel. I'm planning to take her down to the beach and take pics with the ocean and all that good stuff.
On my rainbow bookshelves.

Me trying to look profound.

The socks have flamingos being abducted by aliens on them.
It's a cluster-fuck of awesome.

If any of you have amazing zooming abilities, here's a sneak peak of page one.

So that's what it looks like! She's a beauty. And if the week couldn't get any better, a few days ago I went to a place that had 72 types of waffles and tomorrow I'm going somewhere with 40 types of french toast. Because I live in the diner capital of America when I'm not in England.
Rock on and remember to keep entering the contest!

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