Monday, 6 June 2016

Of Pre-Orders and Panties

Let's start off this blog with a picture of my sexy new book cover:
Isn't she beautiful? If you're here you probably already know it features two female, asexual protagonists and is available for pre-order at this location:

All the cheesiness you could ever hope for from a young adult novel lies on those pages. Enough about that, though. Let's move on to panties. They're a delightful invention, truly. See, I'm a steward at a rather famous London theatre. It's great even if the other stewards get a bit salty at times about the shows.

It just so happens that the other night I was in the audience at the same time as an actress doing a striptease which led to me tripping her and getting a fistful of panties. She wasn't overly thrilled to say the least.
This nameless celebrity wears size 8 M&S underwear if anyone was curious.

Something that's even more exciting- and less intimidating- than the celebrities on stage are those in the audience. I won't bore you with explanations of how I compare the compatibility of my height with Game of Thrones stars regularly, but know that I'm hoping it leads to me marrying one for duel citizenship. A girl can dream.

As you can see, I'm not the most adept at living in London. From ending up in Essex when I meant to get to Ikea and never understanding British sarcasm, I live in a state of constant bafflement. Still, my novel is coming out and I'm having a fantastic time.

Stay stellar!

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