Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Travelling Book! Read and write on We Awaken. For free!

Hello my darlings,

Exciting news! Now that the giveaway has ended (and everyone who won has been emailed) I’m offering another opportunity to read my book to all you fantastic people.

There will be a Travelling Book of We Awaken!

That’s right, ten lucky individuals will get to write and draw all over a copy of my asexual F/F novel and all they have to pay for is the shipping to send it to the next person.

I’ll get to that later, though. Let’s talk about my life because this is my blog and I’m an egotist.
I’ve begun reading my books for the Modern American Fiction course I’m taking next term in uni. Wise Blood by Flannery O’ Connor has been defeated and I’m now working on Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Good stuff.

I’m excited to be the #tokenAmerican in the class. Last year whenever we read Walt Whitman I was constantly asked to explain what the frontier is (I just described Frontierland in Disney World) as well as the American voting system. Also I was generally chosen to read Ginsburg because of my accent.

That’s alright, though. I love a good beatnik every now and again. There’s a reason why Kill Your Darlings is my header on Tumblr.

The next novel is coming along swimmingly thanks to my sexy notebook, although I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch in the plot. Getting my whimsical character from one side of a city to the other without using public transportation is proving quite difficult.

Also I played pinball for five hours straight last night and have lived to tell the tale. Living in a town with this many arcades is trying. I have learned, though, that my favorite type of pinball machine is the sort with epilepsy warnings.

Okay and now I’ll stop boring you with details of my life in suburbia- I head back to London on September 19th, holla!

Details on the Travelling Book:

Write in the book! Draw on it! Paint weird things in the margins! And if you post pics, tag them #WeAwakenTravelling so I can get excited with you.

-US only
-10 spots
-2 weeks to read

If you’re interested, message me on tumblr (calista-lynne.tumblr.com) or send an email to officialcalista@gmail.com

I’ll only disclose your address to the person sending you the book, so don’t worry.

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