Web Appearances

Ace in the Hole
on Julia Ember's blog, June 7 2016

I discuss asexuality in general and provide a short explanation for those who are still a bit confused.

Of Inspiration and Alcohol Intolerance
The Book Voyagers, June 22 2016

Some tales of my time as an American expat in London and how that has shaped my writing.

Literature Without Lust
Mookychick, June 30 2016

On the absence of asexuals in the media and how people have begun writing their own representation.

Of Keyboards and Caffeine
The Cozy Reading Corner, June 29 2016

My tales of writing a novel in coffee shops around the world. Well, in London and New Jersey.

Pennies for Passion
on Suki Fleet's blog, July 5 2016

Thoughts on the question of whether one should do what they love or what makes them money.

Authors and Asexuality
LGBTQ Reads, July 6 2016

A little Asexuality 101 sort of piece for LGBTQ Reads.

Gray is Okay
Writability, July 6 2016

On how asexuality is a spectrum and the variations that exists within it.

Thank God I'm A Millennial
We Do Write, July 7 2016

How technology gave me a career and is an asset to all modern writers. We have it so we should use it!

How To Be Happy
Books N' Calm, July 8 2016

A five step plan I once wrote on how people can go about dropping the negativity in their lives.

Arctic Books Interview
Arctic Books, July 8 2016

I discuss We Awaken and some of my more personal influences and goals.

Asexuality in Writing and the Publishing Industry
One Way Or An Author, July 9 2016

This one is a short piece. The title gives away the topic. I speak again on my reasons for writing ace.

Happy Endings for Hidden Sexualities
on the Harmony Ink Press blog, July 11 2016

An explanation of why I think happy endings aren't something to be ashamed of I wrote for my publisher.

The Ruler of Resumes
Hidden Worlds Books, July 12 2016

My advice on how to build a good writing resume at a young age.

In The Spotlight
Divine Magazine, July 14 2016

A short interview I did on writing and my life (before I realized answers should be longer than a sentence).

Writing the Villain
ReadWriteLove28, July 14 2016

On how I came up with the villain in We Awaken and if it's okay for bad guys to be a bit cliche.

Books and Ladders Interview
Books and Ladders, July 14 2016

Learn about what famous people I would like to meet and my childhood ambitions. Also comma splices.

A Conversation With Calista Lynne
Becky on Books and Quilts, July 16 2016

A really fun interview. I discuss what my characters would want most on a deserted island.

The Ace of Inspiration
Syntax Reviews, July 16 2016

Where I got my inspiration for We Awaken and why it was important the characters be asexual.

Writing Representation
YAtopia, July 16 2016

My advice to young writers on creating their own representation and why it's important.

More Happy Endings, Please!
on Cody Kennedy's blog, July 17 2016

On lesbian literature, how it's fantastic, and why we need more of it with happy endings.

High School, Hair Dye, and Hidden Sexualities
YA Interrobang, July 18 2016

I discuss my first "relationship" in high school and all the embarrassment you would imagine it caused.

Seeking Inspiration
The Novel Approach, July 19 2016

On what inspires me, my time working as a boardwalk barker, and how writers can fine inspiration.

Prism Book Alliance Interview
Prism Book Alliance, July 21 2016

Another interview. I discuss what superpower I want as well as my Turkish Delight binges.

Writing From Life
He Said Books or Me, July 21 2016

A post about how I squeezed all my life experience into one novel and where I find more inspiration.

Kettle Mag Interview
Kettle Mag, July 21 2016

I talk about what character I wouldn't want to get in an elevator with and some failed ambitions.

Lisa Loves Literature Interview
Lisa Loves Literature, July 25 2016

In which I discuss dreams and my inability to dance.

Who Are You Wearing?
on Annabelle Jay's blog, August 2 2016

How I chose the outfits worn in We Awaken and the ways they contribute to characterization.

The Bibliomaniac Interview
The Bibliomaniac Book Blog, August 17 2016

A short interview where I discuss writing with a supernatural twist and recommend books.

Calista Lynne Talks Girls, Words, Love, and Disney
Mookychick, August 22 2016

A really fun interview with questions about my love for Disney and my influences. Also cute Twitter photos.

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